Hyderabad: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has accused BRS of contributing to the victory of the Congress party in Karnataka. Speaking in Karimnagar on Saturday, he said that BRS and Congress parties are one. He criticized the Congress party for doing communal politics in Karnataka. People from the two parties will meet in Delhi. It is alleged that minds have met in the Karnataka elections.

In Karnataka, all the votes of a certain group went to the Congress.. JDS helped in this, they said. It was revealed that the BJP’s vote bank has not decreased in Karnataka, only the seats have decreased. He said that he got 36 percent votes in this election as in the last election. He said that the Congress party won 80 seats with 38 percent votes earlier… this time it won 134 seats with 43 percent votes. He said that JDS, which got 20 percent votes in the past, was limited to 13 percent this time.

He said that the votes that should have gone to the JDS went to the Congress party. Sanjay alleged that along with the Majlis, the NDPI party, which belongs to the banned PFSI organization, also worked for the victory of the Congress. He said that if elections are held in the state, there will be a contest between Congress, BRS and Communists. BJP state leaders, Chada Suresh Reddy and others participated in the meeting.


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